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Bluenose Golf Club Code of Conduct Policy
Approved May 2007

It is the policy of the Bluenose Golf Club to ensure an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, abuse and violence, for members, employees and visitors of our club.

Discrimination, sexual harassment, abusive conduct,threatening language and violent behaviour run contrary to our Core Values and Spirit of the game. Those actions are not acceptable and can have a serious negative impact on the
quality of service we provide for our members and guests.

Unacceptable conduct may be deliberate or unintended. The test is whether a reasonable person knows or ought to know that such behaviour would be considered unwelcome of Inappropriate by the recipient.

The club Board of Directors accepts the obligation to ensure that this policy Is applied fairly. Those who allege they are victims of unacceptable conduct will receive the necessary protection to bring complaints forward. Those against whom a complaint has been lodged will be given full opportunity to respond.
The club Board of Directors is committed to investigate reported and documented Incidents of unacceptable behaviour In a timely, objective and sensitive manner and will take the appropriate action when justified.

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